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Real estate agency in Camp Road (Drumul Taberei), Sector 6, Bucharest

Intermediation real estate for sales - buying - rentals of studios, apartments 2, 3, 4 rooms, houses/villas

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The real estate agency CRD Property Broker from Camp Road (Drumul Taberei), Bucharest, sector 6, offers real estate brokerage and consulting services, provided by qualified specialists, with over 10 years experience in the field of real estate transactions. We provide our entire database with announcements of sales or rental of studios, apartments with 2 rooms, apartments with 3 rooms, apartments with 4 rooms, houses/villas in the Camp Road (Drumul Taberei) neighborhood, Ghencea district, Brancusi neighborhood, Militari neighborhood, Crangasi neighborhood in areas such as:
Razoare, Orizont, Favorit, Compozitorilor (1 Mai), Moghioros, Timisoara Boulevard, Bucla(Parcul Drumul Taberei), Valea Argesului, Valea Ialomitei, Valea Oltului, Romancierilor, Plaza Romania, Afi Cotroceni, Prelungirea Ghencea, Virtutii, Politehnica, Lujerului, Veteranilor, Gorjului, Pacii or in adjacent areas.
Do you want to sell, rent or buy an apartment, a studio or a house? Nothing easier! Contact us and we will find the offer according to your search criteria!

Recently added real estate listings

Sale apartment with 3 rooms, Afi Cotroceni, Camp Road

Living room

Property for sale, Drumul Taberei, Afi Cotroceni
Year of Construction 1965, Floor: 8/8
Status: Current offer, ID: CRD605
Sale: 70.000 €

Apartment Penthouse, 3 rooms, Nordului, Le Club


Property for sale/rent, Nordului, Herastrau
Year of Construction 2007, Floor: 5/5
Status: Current offer, ID: CRD144
Sale: 390.000 €

Apartment 4 rooms for sale, Drumul Taberei - Materna

Main hall

Property for sale, Drumul Taberei, Materna
Year of Construction 1978, Floor: 1/10
Status: Not actuality, ID: CRD738
Sale: 120.000 €

Sale apartment 3 rooms, furnished, Primavara residence

Living room apartment

Property for sale, Prelungirea Ghencea, Primavara residence
Year of Construction 2008, Floor: 3/6
Status: Current offer, ID: CRD739
Price: 120.000 €

Rent apartment 2 rooms, Camp Road, Plaza Romania

Living room apartment

Property for rent, Camp Road, Plaza
Year of Construction 1960, Floor: 10/10
Status: Current offer, ID: CRD737
Rent: 330 €

Apartment 2 rooms, Drumul Taberei - Romancierilor

Living room apartment

Property for rent, Camp Road, Romancierilor
Year of Construction 1974, Floor: 7/10
Status: Current offer, ID: CRD486
Rent: 220 €

Rent apartment 2 rooms, Brancusi neighborhood


Property for rent, Brancusi
Year of Construction 2005, Floor: GR/4
Status: Not actuality, ID: CRD616
Rent: 350 €

Apartment 2 rooms, area Drumul Taberei 34


Property for rent, Drumul Taberei, 34
Year of Construction 1971, Floor: 3/9
Status: Current offer, ID: CRD698
Rent: 350 €

Rent apartment with 2 rooms, furnished, Prelungirea Ghencea

Living room apartment

Property for rent,Prelungirea Ghencea, Latin Quarter
Year of Construction 2016, Floor: 1/4
Status: Current offer, ID: CRD638
Rent: 250 €

Rent studio Drumul Taberei, Romancierilor


Property for rent, Drumul Taberei, Romancierilor
Year of Construction 1970, Floor: P/10
Status: Current offer, ID: CRD724
Rent: 210 €

Residential projects

Some tips for those who want to sell a real estate

Before you sell a real estate, you need to make sure that all the documents are in order, for example: if it is tabulated and declared on the finance, the completed succession, the taxes paid to date, the mortgage radiated from the property sheet - if it is case, etc. You may lose a very good offer or a customer if all these aspects are not settled.
Of course you hope to get a bigger amount at the end of the real estate transaction. However, the situation must be seen in a realistic way.
A good sale also depends greatly on the amount of time you want to sell the property..

How we work with a real estate agency

The activity of real estate agent and real estate agency is regulated by the law on the inflow of companies and OG3 / 2000 regarding the activity and legal obligations of the real estate agent.
Unfortunately, this is somewhat non-productive in the sense that it is full of confusion and unrelated to a law that basically regulates an economic activity with profound implications. In practice, respectable real estate agencies have adopted the code of ethics and good practice so that you can resolve your real estate problem safely, quickly and professionally..


The necessary documents for selling an apartment

The property act for apartments, it certifies the ownership of the real estate and can be: sale-purchase contract, building contract, heir certificate, donation contract, exchange contract, final civil sentence..


The necessary documents for the sale of land

Land property act, this may be a sale-purchase agreement authenticated by a notary or property title;

Concluding a Land Book from the District Court or the county concerned;The tax certificate from the Local Taxes and Taxes Directorate or from the City Hall where the land is located. The Fiscal Certificate must specify: the land area, the use category (extravilan, arable urban or buildable urban area), the postal number (if any);

Land Book Extract, in which must be specified: the land surface, the postal number (if any), the indication of the road of servitude and in favor of which lots..

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