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Blog Some tips for those who want to sell a real estate

Some tips for those who want to sell a real estate

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Prezentare cheieBefore you sell a real estate, you need to make sure that all the documents are in order, for example: if it is tabulated and declared on the finance, the completed succession, the taxes paid to date, the mortgage radiated from the property sheet - if it is case, etc. You may lose a very good offer or a customer if all these aspects are not settled.
Of course you hope to get a bigger amount at the end of the real estate transaction. However, the situation must be seen in a realistic way.
A good sale also depends greatly on the amount of time you want to sell the property.

An emergency sale always involves a lower price, while the best price can only be obtained if you do not hurry.
Do not forget that most buyers are always informed and analyzing more offers. Obviously they will choose the most advantageous offer they find according to their selection criteria. It is good for you to consider all the firm offers received and to decide whether or not you are working with a real estate agency or whether you will only work with a single real estate agency. Negotiating the price depends largely on them.
Applying to a real estate agency, the seller has the following advantages: realistic price evaluation, real estate agency advertising, buyer selection (no more or less interested buyers' real estate) offered by the real estate agency, security of the transaction, get the best price in the shortest possible time, the real estate agency checks and realizes in a timely manner the sales documentation. Do not forget that one of the purpose of real estate agencies is also getting a higher commission on sale, so try to find the buyer for a higher price, which is also in your interest.
If you have time and patience, you can start the process of selling the property yourself. The advice of a real estate lawyer is now more than necessary. Your bid must be made public and you will be all the more advantageous as you increase the ways and means of public exposure. We suggest that you promote your offer using all forms of advertising: the Internet, local and national publications, business magazines, etc., so you will be able to get in touch directly with potential clients as well as with various real estate agencies interested in buy.
You can call on valuation experts who set the real price of the real estate as well as the payment conditions for a particular transaction. There are no accurate or incorrect assessments, but good or bad valuations, the bad ones are those that generate prices where real estate transactions are difficult or impossible.
Depending on the impact of real estate advertising, you can return to the price stage, making the necessary adjustments: increasing or lowering the price. Do not lose contact with potential buyers. Engage directly in all negotiations.
When you have found a buyer, whether you have a real estate agency or not, the documents must be authenticated by a notary, the actual sale being done only in front of him.

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