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First house


Loans granted by banks through First House 4 will have to meet the following cost conditions:

The guarantee promise - is issued by FNGCIMM on the basis of the sale purchase agreement signed under a certain signature and for which a commission of 0.15% of the value of the promise of guarantee is charged
Interest - the main cost of credit. Fixed margin + Euribor at 3 months (Robor at 3 months)

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First House Program

First House Program

On May 20, 2009, the Government adopted the First House program, designed to support people who first acquire a home on the Romanian territory. The First House program implies that the loans contracted through this program are guaranteed by the state through the National Loan Guarantee Fund.

Thus, the maximum state guaranteed by the First House program will be 60,000 euros. This value represents, according to Government estimates, the average price of a home in Romania. The guarantee occurs when the beneficiary fails to pay the loan, in which case the state reimburses the amount of the loan to the creditor bank, using the mortgage right on the real estate through ANAF.

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First House Credit

First House Credit

Emergency Ordinance on the Establishment of the First House Loan entered into force on 4 June a.c. According to it, First House loans will be accessible only to individuals who do not own a home at the time they request it. Prime Minister Emil Boc said about the First House credit:

The credit for the first home will be addressed to all people who have not yet benefited from a mortgage without the need for an age restriction. Through First House credit we want to directly support all those who are in front of buying the first house. I know what difficulties there are: either there is no money needed to pay the advance to the bank, or sometimes there is not enough salary to be able to pay the rates for a house that you borrow from the bank.

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Conditions First House Program

Codices First House Program

According to the eligibility rules, those who want to benefit from a credit of a maximum of EUR 60,000 by the state have to meet a number of conditions related to both the income they have and the nature of the dwelling to be acquired. Here are the most important conditions First House:

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Methodological norms first house program

Methodological norms first house program

Under art. 108 of the Romanian Constitution, republished, and art. 1 par. (5) of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 60/2009 on some measures for the implementation of the First Home program,

The Government of Romania adopts the present decision.
Article 1
(1) In order to facilitate the access of individuals to the purchase of a dwelling by contracting credits, the rules for the implementation of the First House program, hereinafter referred to as the program, set out in Annex no. 1.
(2) The program, defined as a government program, has the following characteristics:
a) national character, determined by its applicability throughout the country;
b) social character represented by state intervention in the process of guaranteeing the credits contracted by individuals for the purchase of dwellings.

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First House Program 4

Eligibility conditions to take a credit

Who can get a credit through First House 4?

In the new version of Prima House, owners who own a home with a usable area of ​​less than 50 square meters can access a state-guaranteed mortgage to buy a larger home.
Customers who own shares in a home will be able to benefit from State-guaranteed loans to acquire the share-share difference.
You have the right to acquire within the Program only one completed dwelling located on the territory of Romania, enrolled in the land book according to the law or to build a house, alone or together with other persons, observing the regulations in force regarding the First House program.

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