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Marketing imobiliarA real estate agency that does not understand its clients can not be successful and that is why the starting point for our project is the goal of satisfying certain needs and requirements of our clients. Their needs and requirements must be the basis of our agency policy and it is very important to know the reasons behind the acquisition of various real estate services.
Customers will not buy unless they really want the services the real estate agency provides. Real estate services are constantly changing, so we need to always find out what potential customers want.

Everyday practice demonstrates to all those interested that the sales process is influenced by a multitude of factors. Regardless of sales techniques or presentation methods, different people have different buying motifs, reasons that are constantly changing and are influenced by the possibilities of people (given their income and the situation in which they are), attitudes and needs (determined by beliefs , personality, habits) or other objective and subjective factors.
Specialty training, interest and experience in real estate sales can be decisive in the work of those involved in persuading customers to choose the services they represent, in the case of real estate agents being even defining in achieving appreciable results.
It is vital that the image of the real estate agency be as attractive as to convince targeted clients that this is the agency that will meet their expectations.
Competition between economic agents is a component of free trade, it encourages private initiative, price fixing, improvement of the way of presenting the service for sale or improving its quality. The law requires economic agents to behave fairly to any other entrepreneur.

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