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Below are the conditions in which Crd property broker allows the use of this site. As a result of your use of the service, Crd property broker can obtain various information about you, such as: name and surname, address, telephone numbers, information about how our services are used. All this information will be referred to as 'Information'. If you do not fully agree with these, please stop using the services provided through the site

1. Definitions
Under these conditions, the following terms will be defined as follows:
User - any person interested in providing the service;
Service - Providing the user with access to data and information transmitted by Crd Property Broker over the Internet via the website;

2. Obligations of the User
The user undertakes to use the service only for legal purposes. The user assumes that:
a) Not to modify, distribute, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, transfer or sell any information or services obtained from or through this website (other than its own offer / request);
b) Do not use and will not allow any third party (and will not authorize) to use the services of Crd property broker to transmit or receive materials that are in breach of legal provisions in force or have obscene, abusive, vulgar, defamatory, offensive content , threatening or otherwise offensive;

c)If you send an offer for sale or rent to promote it on the CRD Property Broker's website and the agent to whom the offer has been distributed will find a client determined to purchase the property, the seller / owner undertakes to pay a commission of 2% of the sale or 50% of the value of the rent agreed between the landlord and tenant.
3. Limitation of Liability
The user expressly agrees and agrees with the following statement:
Crd Property Broker will not be liable for any loss suffered by the User, whether direct or indirect, resulting from or in any way related to the use or performance of the service of this Web site.

4. Security

To protect your personal information, Crd property broker uses encryption technologies for certain types of transmissions coordinated through this site. Even if we offer these technologies alongside other confidential information protection measures and ensure proper security, we do not guarantee that the information transmitted over the Internet is secure, or that these transmissions will not be delayed, interrupted, intercepted, or error free, for reasons they do not hold on to us.

5. Intellectual Property
The user expressly acknowledges that all logos and associated symbols used on this site are trademarks of Crd property broker.

6. Date cu caracter personal
Utilizatorul este de acord cu dreptul furnizorului Crd property broker de a prelucra datele cu caracter personal ale dumnevoastra, dezvaluite ca urmare a folosirii serviciului de catre Utilizator.

7. Generalities

7.1 Changes in Terms - Crd Property Broker may change these terms at certain time intervals without notifying the User. Such changes will be brought to the attention of the User by displaying on the website at www.Crd Property Broker. Changes made in this way are considered to be accepted by the User if he continues to use the service after displaying them on the website.

7.2 Jurisdiction - This website is the property of Crd Property Broker. By accessing this site, the User accepts that this contract and any dispute relating to it is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Romania, and the User agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the territory of Romania. This website can be accessed anywhere in Romania and abroad. Crd property broker does not provide any assurance that the content of this site is subject to the laws (including those of intellectual property) of other countries outside of Romania. If the User accesses this site outside of Romania, he does so at his own risk and is solely responsible for complying with the laws of the territory in which he is located.

8. Processing of information

Crd property broker processes personal data about you ("Personal Data") in order to carry out legitimate operations and purposes mainly related to the activity of real estate brokerage (sales-purchases-rentals)

The data to be collected directly from you refers to: name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address. The information will be collected by automated means, subject to all the security and protection restrictions imposed by law.
The information will be processed by Crd Property Broker in accordance with the provisions of Laws no. 676/2001 and 677/2001 and may be used for purposes related to the commercialization of the company's services and offers, such as:

8.1 Processing your offers or requests;
8.2 Offering new offers and / or services to you;
8.3 Billing;
8.4 Solving your requests, questions or complaints;
8.5 Carrying out market and product studies and marketing of Crd property broker and related companies' products and services;
8.6 Contacting you (including by post, email, fax, text messages, pager or telephone) in connection with offers and services of Crd property broker and associated companies, or in connection with third party offers and services that we believe may be of interest to you (unless you have made a written request that you have not contacted us or have unsubscribed / removed your account from this site);
9. Disclosure of Information
Crd property broker has the right to disclose Information:
Associated companies that can use Information for the same purposes as Crd Property Broker;
Third parties specified in art. 8.6;

10. Your Rights
With regard to the processing of personal data, you may exercise any of the following rights:

The right to access your Personal Data;
Right to ask for your personal data to be properly rectified, erased or blocked; the right of opposition.
The right not to be subject to individual automatic decisions (automated decisions based on automatic data processing in order to assess certain personal aspects)
The right to address to the court of any violation of your rights with respect to the processing of Personal Data.

Your rights may be exercised by means of a written request addressed to our company.
By accepting this form of consent, you acknowledge that you have been informed of personal data relating to you that are to be stored, processed and used and that you agree that these personal data (including the CNP) processed and used within the limits thus specified during the lifetime of the company's activity.


I accept this form to indicate that:

I read and fully understood the above, and:
I consent to the processing and use of My Personal Data in accordance with what is stated in this form